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By zane in Test

Okay, this is no longer using the swanky new HTML5, as I can’t find a plugin that does it right. This is using a plugin called ProPlayer that seems to work for a LOT of formats. (But probably uses Flash, so iPad and iPhone might not be too compatible.)

That’s more like it! Let me know if anyone doesn’t dig this player!

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  1. Hmm. Not really working for me. I see a controller bar in Safari, but it never actually loads the movie (hosted elsewhere; wonder if that’s why…)… And Firefox just has a black square.

    Further testing required I guess.

  2. Not working for me either. BTW – nice job on the site. It’s cool.

  3. Thanks. It’s a start. (Are you cool with moderating comments, or should we try to figure out how to make those forward to all of us?)

  4. Probably be a good idea to forward them to all of us.

  5. Hmm. I find no controls for doing this that I can tell in the admin pages. I wonder if it goes by default to the main email or what. Will dig a bit more.

  6. Okay, I believe I just added a plugin that should handle this. It should send out emails to us whenever someone Comments on something and whenever a new post happens. This seems like a good thing for the core group. (BTW, these are check boxes at the bottom of the individual USERS pages, in case someone decides it’s too much.)

  7. Testing that again. Didn’t seem to work.

  8. Okay. I think we have it now. The “ProPlayer” is the shit. It plays most video, whether posted online yourself (ftp) or at Vimeo or YouTube or whatever. Being Flash, iPhone will remain a problem, but until someone brings it up as a problem, I think we’ll go with it. It has a format [pro-player][/pro-player] for specifying details, or you can just click on the little icon to the right in the WYSIWYG editor and enter the relevant details (links/URL to the movie).

    Let me know if you have any issues, otherwise I think this is the way to go. Going to clean up some noise on here shortly, as I think we’re kinda “in business” and can get down to actual work/discussion.

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