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By zane in General

Creativity. Storytelling. Filmmaking.

Geeking out. Common ground. Expanding horizons.

Stretching. Making. Experimenting. Collaborating. Inspiring.

Finding other multi-hat-wearing, high-quality craftsmen and kindred spirits. Synchronicity.

Energy. Enthusiasm. Encouragement.

We each have our own projects. Our own scripts and ideas and plans. This isn’t to co-opt those, even if we do get involved in each other’s schemes and dreams. It’s mostly just to share energy and positive momentum. Good ideas. Feedback. Gear. Connections. With the possibility of direct collaboration.

Everyone can bring their ideas to the group as they wish. So pages become workshops and workshops become test shoots and test shoots become editing exercises and editing exercises become scenes and scenes become shorts or trailers or even pieces of something bigger.

The Collective was sparked by a geeky moment in the digital timeline and the release of a specific camera, but the inspiration existed way before all of that. We’ve each been successfully baptised in cinema, be it low-budget indies or high-end commercials or cutting-edge games or whatnot. We’ve made pretty pictures, gripping drama, and tender moments. We’ve had our failures and our successes. We’ve suffered the agonies of writer’s block and the thrill of a final cut.

We see the evolution happening and we’re evolving right along with it.

That’s what this is all about. Jumping into the pool again, head first. Swimming a few laps. Making waves.

C’mon in. The water’s fine.

What Isn’t Here

May 31, 2010
By zane in Behind The Scenes, Development, General

If you aren’t logged in and/or you haven’t been approved as privy to the inner workings of the “Collective,” just know you aren’t seeing the full story.

While one of the fundamental concepts behind the Collective is “to share,” lots of things are going on behind the scenes and may not be appropriate for general consumption… at least not yet. Many of our projects that are “In Development” may remain hidden (i.e. marked “Private”) from the masses, at least until those projects actually see the light of day or get some serious momentum. It’s likely all or most of these private posts will one day be released as a “behind the scenes” review of the project, but it sometimes makes sense to keep some things close to the chest in the early stages.

So… while we hope the Collective website is a resource and an inside peek into the development process, just know there is probably a lot going on that you might not be seeing. Unless you’re actually helping make the magic happen.

By paul in Test

Just doing an image test as I see they haven’t been done yet.

it's a test!

It's another test!

Seems to work fine and dandy for a small number of images!

By zane in Development

…so we know who contributed each entry and who we’ll need to go through to get it. Otherwise, it looks like a great start. Let’s flesh it out further and see what we’ve got.

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By zane in Test

Okay, this is no longer using the swanky new HTML5, as I can’t find a plugin that does it right. This is using a plugin called ProPlayer that seems to work for a LOT of formats. (But probably uses Flash, so iPad and iPhone might not be too compatible.)

That’s more like it! Let me know if anyone doesn’t dig this player!

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More details soon.

We need to test adding movies, stills, and what is the best way to make these uploads simple and straight-forward. (i.e. Vimeo movies, embedded? Uploaded to this site via ftp, and then linked using some easy WordPress plug-in (of which there are many)?)

Everyone feel free to chime in. In particular, Paul seems to have some experience with this.

Also, each of the 4 Principals should edit the About page to add their bio. (And prove you can log into WordPress and make an entry or edit an existing one.)