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Do-Overs Continues Shooting

December 14, 2010
By zane in Behind The Scenes, Development, Series, Shorts

Really really excited about the first cut of scene 2 (“Lunch”), shot last week in downtown and east Austin.

We got some great added production value staging a scene right across from police headquarters, with rows of cop cars along our Steadicam path.

Mostly I’m thrilled with the performances. I was already pretty stoked about the look of scene 1, but when I finished cutting scene 2 I had goosebumps. This thing is for real. This is a show.

We’re determined to shoot scene 3 asap, and to cap off “part 1” with scene 4 in January. That’ll give us 15 minutes of something showable. Then we can see where it goes from there. (Personally, I want to finish all the first 16 scenes for a full 1-hour “pilot” at least, but we’ll see.)

These stills are from an only roughly color-corrected first cut. Wait’ll you see the real thing.

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