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Do-Overs: The Leads

July 29, 2010
By zane in Behind The Scenes, Development, Series, Shorts

We’ve been quite remiss in updating this blog. But that’s because we’ve been busy.

After our first round of auditions, we held callbacks for our first project a scant week later — a web/short/series/pitch/pilot/thing called DO-OVERS. We saw a lot of great folks, but two of them finally claimed the leads. (Others will still be in this thing… we’ve got some great secondary roles, and a few more still uncast and evolving as we speak.)

J. Ben Wolfe is Number One

In the meantime, here’s our principals: J. Ben Wolfe is Number One, and Drew Whelpley is Number Two.

Drew Whelpley is Number Two

We’ll give more details soon, but I’ll add this: We’ve already shot the first scene (images above). Last Monday, July 19th, the 38th street Waterloo Icehouse was nice enough to host our first official shoot. The footage looks strong, and both Jeff and Gray are taking a stab at cutting it, just for collab’s sake. We’re having an extended writing session tomorrow, where we’ll hopefully finish mapping out the “first season” and figure out how we’re actually putting the rest of this thing together.

Things are looking good. Exciting. Gritty. Hardcore.

More updates soon.

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  1. sweeeet!

  2. Oh…and since I had to register with Actor’s Equity this way, I guess any billing for me should be listed as J. BEN WOLFE. This is a new development in the last 3 months, so I’m still getting used to it…still need to change all my headshots, resumes, and my IMDB listing.

  3. Oh, now, admit it… You just wanna copy me with the whole “R. Zane” thing. ;-P

    Viva la nom de middle!

  4. That’s true. I can no longer hide it. I think you’re cool. 🙂

  5. That’s right. Hear that, people! J. Ben says I’m cool. I told ya!

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