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What Isn’t Here

May 31, 2010
By zane in Behind The Scenes, Development, General

If you aren’t logged in and/or you haven’t been approved as privy to the inner workings of the “Collective,” just know you aren’t seeing the full story.

While one of the fundamental concepts behind the Collective is “to share,” lots of things are going on behind the scenes and may not be appropriate for general consumption… at least not yet. Many of our projects that are “In Development” may remain hidden (i.e. marked “Private”) from the masses, at least until those projects actually see the light of day or get some serious momentum. It’s likely all or most of these private posts will one day be released as a “behind the scenes” review of the project, but it sometimes makes sense to keep some things close to the chest in the early stages.

So… while we hope the Collective website is a resource and an inside peek into the development process, just know there is probably a lot going on that you might not be seeing. Unless you’re actually helping make the magic happen.

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