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In celebration of the release of American McGee’s video game sequel (by Electronic Arts and Spicy Horse Games), we offer this live-action movie teaser trailer. (Available on YouTube.)

An HD version of the original game trailer “inspiration” is also available on YouTube. Check for more information and backstory on the original trailer from 2000.

a short film trailer
a Mad Hatter Collective production
starring Jennymarie Jemison as Alice
produced & shot by R. Zane Rutledge and Gray Haddock
director of photography Paul Gandersman
visual fx by ZaneFX
inspired by American McGee’s Alice
music carved from tracks by Chris Vrenna
conceived and directed by R. Zane Rutledge

FINE PRINT: “Alice: Madness Returns” video game by Electronic Arts (and Spicy Horse Games). EA, the EA logo and Alice: Madness Returns are trademarks of Electronic Arts Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.  Mad Hatter Collective is NOT affiliated with Electronic Arts or Spicy Horse Games. This is a non-profit “fan-made” movie trailer concept meant for entertainment purposes only.


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The MadHatterCollective founded by Zane RutledgePaul GandersmanGray Haddock and Jeff Stolhand shot from dusk ’til dawn on their bad-cop-worse-cop drama series Do-Overs. The shoot took place at the ominous Seaholm power plant in downtown Austin and featured Ben WolfeDrew WhelpleyKen Thomas and Jimmy Gonzales. Utilizing the new DSLR technology, the crew was able to shoot under low light conditions with minimal lighting that allowed DP Paul Gandersman and camera operator Gray Haddock to maximize the beautiful Austin skyline that surrounds the power plant.  Scene 4 not only rounds out the first segment of the series, but completes the TV pilot “pitch” for the series.

Do-Overs Continues Shooting

December 14, 2010
By zane in Behind The Scenes, Development, Series, Shorts

Really really excited about the first cut of scene 2 (“Lunch”), shot last week in downtown and east Austin.

We got some great added production value staging a scene right across from police headquarters, with rows of cop cars along our Steadicam path.

Mostly I’m thrilled with the performances. I was already pretty stoked about the look of scene 1, but when I finished cutting scene 2 I had goosebumps. This thing is for real. This is a show.

We’re determined to shoot scene 3 asap, and to cap off “part 1” with scene 4 in January. That’ll give us 15 minutes of something showable. Then we can see where it goes from there. (Personally, I want to finish all the first 16 scenes for a full 1-hour “pilot” at least, but we’ll see.)

These stills are from an only roughly color-corrected first cut. Wait’ll you see the real thing.

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Last Monday night we wrapped a fantastic shoot for our latest jewelry commercial — this one a sexy, high-scale glamour spot featuring a falling star, a falling gemstone, and eventually: a falling dress. 😉

Our attractive couple was played by the charming Zach Thompson and the stunning Kelly Grace, and well — the resulting images speak for themselves. I’ll post more of the final stills of the lovely couple soon, but here’s a brief glimpse “behind the scenes,” from the boards… to the shoot.


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Location Photos

September 1, 2010
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MHC had a great commercial shoot.  Thanks go out to the cast and the homeowners!

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Do-Overs: The Leads

July 29, 2010
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We’ve been quite remiss in updating this blog. But that’s because we’ve been busy.

After our first round of auditions, we held callbacks for our first project a scant week later — a web/short/series/pitch/pilot/thing called DO-OVERS. We saw a lot of great folks, but two of them finally claimed the leads. (Others will still be in this thing… we’ve got some great secondary roles, and a few more still uncast and evolving as we speak.)

J. Ben Wolfe is Number One

In the meantime, here’s our principals: J. Ben Wolfe is Number One, and Drew Whelpley is Number Two.

Drew Whelpley is Number Two

We’ll give more details soon, but I’ll add this: We’ve already shot the first scene (images above). Last Monday, July 19th, the 38th street Waterloo Icehouse was nice enough to host our first official shoot. The footage looks strong, and both Jeff and Gray are taking a stab at cutting it, just for collab’s sake. We’re having an extended writing session tomorrow, where we’ll hopefully finish mapping out the “first season” and figure out how we’re actually putting the rest of this thing together.

Things are looking good. Exciting. Gritty. Hardcore.

More updates soon.

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MHC Actor Auditions

June 13, 2010
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MHC has held its first invitation-only general auditions!  With more than a few projects already moving along the development pipeline, MHC felt it was time to begin looking at potential casting choices.  We tested out sides from the first three projects closest to shooting, but were also looking a few projects further out.  The result was a whirlwind evening, filled with a variety of fine readings from local talent.  Continued…